Russian Ballet International

Summer Intensive 2018

at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Moscow 

Each year hundreds of young dancers come to Moscow from all around the world to level up their skills getting the best coaching from the teachers of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. The Summer Intensive course produced by Russian Ballet International has seen its 8th season in Moscow State Academy of Choreography and has given lots of its students the opportunity to stay and continue their education as full time students in Moscow.

The corridors of the school are never empty, but mid july sees them filled with hundreds of newcomers. When at the Academy, the student gets a key to their room at the dormitory and has a tour around the place that will become their new home for the next days and weeks.

Russian Ballet International invites over 50 students from Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Canada, USA, England and Australia every year. The teachers of the Bolshoi Academy travel to conduct the exams and admit students at partner schools in each of the aforementioned countries all year round. Online applications help those who can’t make it to the exams at a given time and place. All those accepted by the representatives of the school get to attend the classes in Florence and Urbino in Italy and in Moscow, Russia, where a new round of challenges await the dancers.

For over a month the students immerse themselves in the life of the Academy, living in the dormitory and attending classes with spots of free time and sightseeing during weekends. Not only do the dancers get the skills and knowledge they need for their careers, they also get a chance to further their education becoming full time students of the Academy if they are selected by the teachers of the school. Once selected, the dancer receive an invitation to become an intern and study for the entire year with the local students, eventually enrolling for the final and the most intensive 3 year course, the end of which opens a whole new page in their lives.