Ballet expats in Russia
(ongoing project)

Russian ballet has been one of the trademarks of the country for more than half a century since the famous Bolshoi Ballet and Galina Ulanova tour of England in 1956.

Like football in England, cinema in America or wine in France, Russian ballet would still inevitably comes to mind when one thinks of Russia nowadays. The charm of the Russian ballet industry spreads far and wide, bringing crowds from all over the world to study dance in the home of traditional ballet. Today many young people come to Russia to develop as artists and become a part of the ongoing tradition of Russian art. For the last 4 years I have been documenting their daily life with all of its trials and achievements.

Featured on this page are: Joy Anabelle Womack (USA); Luke Hayward (Australia); Vilhelm Bjerser (Sweden); Alina Gavrilov-Bjerser (Israel); Saori Koike (Japan); David Motta Soares (Brazil); Erika Asai (Japan); Otmar Klemann (Netherlands).